Use Winter To Plan That Office Pep Up

Gosh how times really does seem to fly once the lovely warmth of the summer months has past.  When it is good weather we tend to spend less time indoors, be that the home or office environment.  Lots of planning is done, but generally more involving patio parties, bar-b-ques with the family or park runs at the weekend.  Those more relaxed times are not spent thinking about the office at all quite possibly.

However, when it is gloomy outside until mid morning and dark again by early afternoon, there is less incentive to wander outside.  So this is a good time to look seriously at the office and plan one or two tweaks – perhaps a repositioning of the work stations – could there be new modern easy rise and fall desks for one or two colleagues to make them stand up to work for periods is beneficial.  Modernising the office can bring a whole new oomph to the business thinking!