Tidy Mind & Shiny Furniture Trigger Wartime Memories

I was visiting a very aged relative the other week – she is placed in a high end care home and they do keep their premises as clean and positively light and airy as possible.   The relatiive has been in a couple of care homes over the last few years but is still fully in charge of her faculties.   Speech, memory and ability to read are the first things to alter with some forms of dimentia – her obsession with keeping the furniture clean was getting rather tedious when back home .  She would be getting up in the night to try and find her cleaning kit so she could dust and brush down the rugs, chairs and carpeted stairs.    It got to a point where the home had to take away her cleaning basket so she would settle down in the evenings and rest.  The sight of a shiny newly polished tv or side table would allow Margery to open up on all sorts of topics, particularly about her days with ‘the Ministry’ in London just through and just after WW2.    Her photos are carefully taken out of the cabinet and the curtains half drawn – we all sit round and listen to her reciting a tale, as clear as though it happened last week.  Uttterly fascinating. All because of her room remaining ship shape and bristol fashion!