Tidy Desk Tidy Office Very Tidy Business Brain

There is something about working in an office over the Christmas and New Year period.  When colleagues, at least most of the annoying ones, are taking annual leave, the office is nicely quiet and almost empty.  Just a couple of you and all that space to get on and sort out the paper filing that has mounted up, stuffed in a box in the lockable cupboard . . .  or maybe that stock take is looming and you have one or two grey areas regarding the exact number here and there.

To keep any business running very smoothly, get the best quality office furnishings you can afford. If a new business, think about what exactly you need, and before ordering, take time to check out the sites of office supply companies, they can offer invaluable advice and often save you wasted funds and time.  Space for filing paper copies of only the essentials is still going to be needed. Never scrimp on that!