The Typing Pool Of Old

In the ‘old’ days, whenever they were, the office was a completely different type of thing to that we have now.  In fact as recent as the 1970s, offices would house mostly the gentlement and ladies would be segregated to maybe a typing pool.  This was a familiar feature, particularly in a civil service position.   There being the very regimented grade system, the junior typists would be in one section of a large room, the seniors aside, and all would be overseen by the matriarch of the typing service.  There were lines of typist, with ‘sit up and beg’ black typewriters, manual of course and the speed of typing could be phenominal.  The carriage returns would noisily shoot back and forth as tasks were completed.  Today nowhere near as much is typed on crisp white A4, the replacement for the original foolscap sized. . . .  and certainly no duplicate copies made with the ink surface between two, three or four sheets.  Woh betide the typist who made a spelling mistake in those circumstances!  Secretaries do still exist and have their own swish offices . . .   but more often than not in a commercial outlet, the guys do their own correspondence.