Separating Home From The Home Office

These days more and more folk are finding ways to do their day job from home.  At one time it was unusual to say  “oh I work from home” and was generally uttered by someone who did cake making or some other pretty craft based occupation or perhaps a web designer.   However, the need to stop too many folk from all piling on to trains and buses at the same time, or travelling about on the roads has meant a concerted effort by many companies to facilitate home work for their staff whenever possible.  Those staff then use their own furniture and equpment as a rule – not always ideal.  In a home office, there needs to be a separation from the personal stuff so that the occupant can concentrate on the job in hand and really feel that they are at work and not just popping in to check work emails.   A fresh new scheme for the home office is not to be sniffed at!