Quality Over Quantity For Office Furnishings

Going into an office now for me is rather an odd feeling.   The major difference with offices these days is how little furniture and filing space is needed for the actual work to take place.  Gone are the massive desks that needed to hold a typewriter, replaced by a desk mounted computer with printer.  Gone also are the huge filing cabinets, usually banks of them lined up along the wall of a spare office, now renamed Filing / Record Storage / Archive.

A young couple I know run their own web based business – it’s incredible how little they need – lighter desks that can be raised and lowered easily and one small printing device.  Small phones, no massive back up storage cabinets guffing out ozone either.  The furnishings were planned to the nearest 000.000 cm and to ensure the wear and tear was satisfactorily catered for, everything was obtained from an office supply outfit so it is quality rather than quantity.