Providers Of The Means To Operate Business

What exactly do we mean by commercial markets – it’s one of those phrases that you hear spouted out on the money programmes on radio and on current affairs shows.   Well the main operators in the world of commercial markets tend to be property agencies that offer offices and development sites for other businesses to use.  There always has to someone in any business sector who is there just to serve the commercial customer – the actual companies that employ everyone else and offer everything we use in life.  Commerce is of course the business of selling between parrties – that selling can be anything i.e. products, ideas, services, properties, offices and of course, contracts for the securing of all these things.  So a commercial market is the means of one party being able to acquire something at a price from another company.  Offices come under the heading of commercial property and they still need furishing and decorating just like a home does.  Offices are owned by one landlord or a consortium of them who own equal shares and rights over how their properties are leased out and operated.