Office In Yorkshire – Where They Do Things Proper!

I’ve been amazed at the number of changes in the way offices are set uyp and run in the last few years.  In the day, i.e. when I started out on my working career, there were very few choices in how you furnished or operated the space where colleagues worked.  In one office I spent 18 very happy months at, the accounts manager had a lecturn at the back of the room and he did stand there many hours a week, poring over the hand written accounts ledgers.  We are not talking about the 1800s or anything, just the latter part of the 20th.  Mind you it was in the export office of a well established cloth mill in Yorkshire – twhere apparently hey do things proper!  My typing desk was huge, with a brilliantly easy to operate tipping device to put the equally huge manual office typewriter away when not needed. I’ve never enjoyed such luxury since.