New Offices Zoned With Colour Coded Furniture & Storage

I had to attend one of the London offices of the department I worked for.  I usually went to my base office in the east midlands, so to visit London was a treat.  The bulding was a combined court, offices and administration centre for East london.  It had been bult from new within the previous 2 years and I attended the official opening.  Having not been there before, I needed to get in and have a scount around for a few minutes in case I had to move to another area for security.  Each zone was colour coded with the office chairs, filing systems and window blinds all in one particular colour and various hues of it.  This was a brilliant idea as they had to employ many fixed term and agency temporaries – and getting to grips with the logistics of a combined court is no laughing matter.   Colour coded zones were so helpful!