New Office Build With Energy Saving & Recycling

I had the good fortune to visit a brand new office complex recently – not something I generally throw myself at but this was a direct replacement for the very drab sixties concrete block that I’d spent twenty four years of my working life in some time ago.  The old factory units – most converted to offices of sorts, had been condemned for having the wrong building materials and other problems.  The new site is so much more attractive – the units themselves are bright and fully glazed with energy saving panels.  The insulation is top notch to make the working environment far less noisy and certainly cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  I also noted the hi specification kitchen – nothing too sophisticated but sufficient for colleagues to cater amongst themselves with the basics all provided.  There’s even a smart recycling area on site for all the cardboard boxes and tins etc.  The designers have suceeded in making it as an attractive work area as they could.