Moving From A Home Office To A Commercial One Calls For Expertise

When you outgrow your little office at home and the time comes to move into that swish new place down off the High Street, the exciting prospect of how to furnish it comes into play.  For home it is easy, you know who’s going to sitting in each room and how they like to sit or slump.  When  you begin to select furniture for the office environment, it’s a whole new ball game.

Office furniture needs to look exsqisite but not so flash that a prospect client worries how much his job spec might be costing him.   It needs to be robust so that the everyday stresses of having boxes of stationery or goods drupped on it, it won’t shatter and collapse in the first week.     A streamlined office look tells the client that you mean business.  You take them seriously and you will treat their business with the utomost care and consideration.