Modernising Offices Mean More Than Just Looks

When I first started work, the idea of remaining at the office all day, every day, was really offputting.  But as I was a trainee working with a mentor, I really had to stick with it.   The office was up north, as we can still laughtingly say.  In a very industrial town, near the river and part of a huge mill that boasted several hundred hands all keeping the mocquette cloth rolling out to the masses.    It was only the old fashioned offices that put me off.  There were designated desks for managerial levels, smaller and much uglier desks and chairs for the lower levels.  It seems unbelievable these days that such differences existed with any question.  It’s wonderful that we have progressed to full modernisation these days – effecient work stations for sitting or standing at, fully wired for ease of connection and very safe systems in place for every employee, at whatever level in the company.