Maintaining Heritage Ties In Office Suite

The question of how to style your office only arises occasionally in a working career.    As with most things, the office is not the first place anyone is going to consider to be a vital place to constantly redecorate    Of course, if you have a town centre agency style office, it is important to keep it modern, tidy and with up to date appearance.   However, I do know a couple who rent a suite of offies with a very attractive old house in the centre of a nearby town.  The building itself is listed, so needs specialist care and attention whenever works are due.  But they appreciate the characteristics still on show;  cornices and plasterwork a-plenty.   They have modern work stations installed – ones that can easily be raised or lowered, depending on whether the user fancies standing or sitting.  Standing is cosidered better for bodies than sitting slumped in a chair.  Their MDs office has a more luxurious nod to the heritage of the building, with an attractive chesterfield sofa and proper wooden bookcase and magazine shelf coffee table.  Very classy & professional indeed.