Luxury Curtain Designs in London

There are thousands of organisations throughout the UK offering luxury curtains to regular homeowners. It’s important to help distinguish the good from the very good otherwise you may end up with a product that may not meet the needs and requirements for your home. The ranges of materials, designs and fabrics are significantly vast throughout and with home automation playing an even bigger part in modenising what used to be a necessity, curtains and blinds are now becoming more of a designers choice / item as each year passes.

The number of organisations offering these types of curtains in London is vast, with many promising full customisation, design assistance and installation / fitting services. However from a homeowners perspective it’s important to distinguish the real factors of determining your own requirements. Names of designs are also becoming a little more exciting compared to that of what used to occur over a decade ago (just named colours) we now see the likes of ‘Cascade’, ‘Elysium’ and ‘Equator’.

Range of Colours & Designs

London Curtains - 1

Without physically looking at these individual designs / colour collections, the general homeowner wouldn’t know what these actually meant and that’s where a reputable and well renowned curtains London company comes into play. Pret a Vivre is a family business operating throughout a broad range of areas in and around London. They help home owners and the commercial markets to make the right choices when it comes to curtains / blinds. They are nationally recognised as providing one of the most effective and professional curtain based service, with thousands of 5* star reviews across the internet.

Removing themselves out of the traditional curtains based manufacturer, Pret a Vivre go one step further in providing a unique and unforgetable service and come highly recommended from friends and family. It’s no doubt why they have recently completed the Battersea power station estate commercial project which saw the introduction of hundreds of blinds and curtains in this modern and professional setting.