Long Standing Agencies Reflect Rock Solid Services

There  has been a very distinct change around in the number of estate and commercial agencies in my local town.  Different ones have ocme and gone but there is still stability.  The very lurid bright green and yellow fascade of one long standing company has heralded my arrival to the top end of the high street for as many years as I recall.   On the other hand, the rather more sedate grey, mauve and pink hoarding of the main commercial property agent has prominently stood out from the sprinkling of other businesses in a small prescinct as one departs the town on the main trunk route.  Both have been local land marks for all these years I have guided other folk to either when they’ve found the need to change house or office over the years.  The fact these businesses have stood rock solid as well known mini land marks is testament to the level of service they have offered over the years and shows in no small part that loyalty amongst customers and clients means a huge amount.