Keep An Eye Out For Commercial Business Agencies

There is no doubt that the estate and property agency business has taken a swipe from the social media side of publicising their businesses.  Also, the comercial property agencies tend to be less well known – when did you last walk down your local high street and take in a new commercial agency?  They do seem to hide themselves away in the least attractive parts of town.  This  could be because the rent and service charges are much cheaper and of course, they want to keep as much of their income as they can.   Commercial markets are quite separate from the usual domestic fare – but when you want to get y our business expanded from that one man band operation in Mum’s back bedroom, then it is prudent to check out the commercial agencies to see what’s available.  They can also advise on other aspects of getting the business off the ground safely and legally – there are contractural aspects that young entrepreneurials tend to overlook but which have to be taken on board early on.