Grim Office Furniture Makes Jack A Dull Worker

The offices of the 1970s, ’80s and 90’s are grim on the whole.  I have worked in many and they tend to still be in concrete blocks with absolutely no architecutral beauty – then inside the main offices, the ceilings are generally covered in some kind of boxed ceiling – to hold lighting and air conditioning provision.  There isn’t much beauty within the starkness, that’s for sure.   Getting the balanc right between utilitarian and absolutely functional to generously proprtioned and coloured can be a massive curve for some office suppliers.  It all depends on their flair and aptitude in seeking out modern, beautiful office furniture and effects.  The stark polystyrene ceilings with cut out sections for the lighting scheme – flourescent tubing of course – and air conditioing units is not quite in one place yet.  Care needs to be taken to ensure the carbuncles outside are not continued inside – office work can be quite dull enough!