Get The Right Team Behind Commercial Ventures

I had the privilege of taking morning coffee in the working hub of a local country house – one that opens its doors to the paying public several times a week.  They have an educational sector and it is becoming well known amongst the local schools as a very useful facility indeed.  Being attached to the great house through the court yard, the children and other students, are able to see the comings and goings very well, as the educational part is placed in what used to be a large stable block and hack room.  The house had for years been the HQ for the Pycheley Hunt, particularly between 1800 ad 1953.  The business side of this operation is run very efficiently by two or three young folk who have done various degree courses in hotel and vacations; catering; gardening; handling volunteer issues.  Etc.  They are all very useful to be dealing with the day to day running of the commercial arm of the hall.