Furnishings Adapted In Hotter Climates

I have just come back from a three week break out on a very sunny isle.  They are used to the heat most of the year but this year even the locals were bewailing the constant, unremitting heat.  It does make everything seem hard work, especially in the late afternoon.  Of course, in these hot climes, the commercial life of the country shuts down after 2pm.  They start early, banks and insurance companies often accept visitors before 8 am, but they are used to closing the doors earlier – to allow for the affects of humidity.  The furnishings in these offices reflect this too – no bare metal on tables or chairs.  Everything is shaded with huge window blinds and light voile curtaining that allows the sunlight in but not the extreme heat or damaging rays.  Home furnishings are the same – wood is hard to find but stone and marble is used to great effect.