Doggy Distractions Require Urgent Office Refit

Ah ha the fun and games that comes with running a very busy office with three adults and two animals cannot be adequately described.  I have been over to collect the pooches on regular basis when the fun stops being fun and is just a damned nuisance – especially when the phone calls get interrupted by the yapping and barking.

The business owners are moving house shortly and they have made a point of looking out a property that offers possibility of running an office there in the house, or in fact in a mobile unit from the garden.  This sounds an ideal solution and they are currently researching the kind of furniture and office fitments that would make their techno lifestyle that bit less challenging!  I suggested that with the desks that can be moved up and down, they get some fitted doggy day beds – that can be moved into the next room at the touch of a button!