Creating A Work From Home Space

Whilst there are many restrictions on liberty and free movement currently, there are a few things about the long term ‘working from home’ status that many folk find themselves in.  We didn’t have much notice that our lives were going to be so dramatically altered so it wasn’t possible for many families to adjust to living n top of each other for weeks and months.     With a little thought, an improvement to the original improvised workspace can be achieved with little outlay.  Picking the right spot – may seem obvious but it’s not always easy to know where in a house one person’s happy workspace may be.  An area hat out of the way of playing kiddies and intrusive tvs and radios but is covered by top internet speed.   Once decided, get that area lighting sorted – a well positioned angle poised lamp, and perhaps a tall standing floor lamp will help ceate a well lit workspace.  It may be necessary to sit the other side of the deak to gain maximum daylight and create less shadow.  A few experiments over different days will inform the final choice.