Charitable Giving Leads To New Office Setup

A chum of mine runs a successful home card making business.  I say card – she produces some incredible items at the drop of a hat.  It started years ago when a friend’s husband had the big C and was taken in to the local hospice – she lives abroad in the Med so this was quite a new, very ex-pat thing.  The hospice was run by the local church entirely on hand outs and donations.  My chum produced packs of notelets, greetings cards and christmas items and donated the first year’s worth for them to sell at 100% profit.  The items sold like hot cakes and it went from there.

I mention this because she has been so successful in her little niche that she needs to move her workshop into a proper business unit.  Getting the right kind of office furniture and effects also needed looking at – good job I know my way around that side of the enterprise!